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The 1st International Piano Competition for Composers of Jewish Heritage will take place from 18th to 25th of August, 2024 in the Concert Hall in the Old Synagoge in Hannover. (Haeckelstrasse 10)

The competition is organized by the “Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden von Niedersachsen K.d.ö.R“. 

The competition is open to pianists of all nationalities with NO AGE LIMIT.

NO PRESELECTION AUDITIONS. All applicants will be admitted to the competition.

Application Form
Following documents should be sent PER WEB-FORM (click here) 
not later than June 15, 2024 

1. Photocopy of the Birth certificate or any other official certificate establishing the age of the applicant. 

2. Curriculum Vita 

3. Online Application Form 

4. One photo, suitable for the reproduction 

5. Repertoire (of all Rounds) 

6. Photocopy of the receipt indicating that the non-refundable fee of 120€ (Any bank charges and fees are the responsibility of the participant) has been transferred to the: 

Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden von Niedersachsen K.d.ö.R

Name of the Bank: Commerzbank Hannover

Bank Address: Theaterstraße 11, 30159 Hannover 

IBAN: DE09 2504 0066 0441 6814 01

Payment Reference: Application fee for the International Piano Competition for Composers  of Jewish Heritage


All stages of the competition will be open to the public.

The Competition consists of 3 solo rounds

A Jury member who worked with a competitor (not counting Master Classes) after September 1, 2023 is not allowed to vote.

The order of performance will be determined by drawing lots, and will be followed in all rounds. 


COPYRIGHT: Full copyright is held by the “Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden von Niedersachsen K.d.ö.R” and/or its assignees and licensees. All stages of the Competition may be broadcast and streamed live and may be recorded and videotaped for subsequent broadcast, video, DVD audio recording or equivalent or any other format/media use. It is anticipated that CD recordings of selected Competition performances will be commercially produced, that a documentary of the Competition incorporating selected performances might be produced for television, and that the Competition will be made available on the internet and / or an equivalent media. Camera crews may photograph all Competition events.

Neither the “Landesverband der Jüdischen Gemeinden von Niedersachsen K.d.ö.R” nor its assignees or licensees may be held liable for any payments to pianists arising out of materials derived from Competition performances.


Financial settlements: Travel, accommodation and, if applicable, visa costs must be borne by the participants themselves. An official invitation will be sent to applicants who require a visa.


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